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Exhibition news

New Year's First Exhibition | Uniview LED Debuts Multiple New LED Display Screens at ISE2024

ISE 2024, the top event in the global audiovisual industry, was held in Barcelona, Spain from 30th January to 2nd February.



As the first show of 2024,Uniview LED, with its strong product lineup and cutting-edge technology, brought global customers brand-new LED display screen solutions, officially debuting at 3P 800 (HALL 3), meeting the application needs of clients in different scenarios.


New products of AM\IW\MT series of Uniview LED made their global debut at this ISE.

AM series presented above the booth by 90° installation, presenting unprecedented thinness, lightness, and higher transparency, and can be interspliced with TKII series to achieve product diversification; IP65 waterproof and up to 1800KG comprehensive tensile testing, which can adapt to various of environments.



IW series, as the vertical splicing floor rental display solution, combines the advantages of floor series (Super-strong load-bearing performance, real-time interactive optional) and rental series (fast installation and easy maintenance, both concave and convex curvatures), and the vertical splicing installation attracts the attention of many clients at the scene.


MT series is the fine-pitch display solution designed for indoor rental applications, suitable for various indoor rental application scenarios such as conferences, exhibitions, and stage performances.


In addition, we also showcased the GX fixed-installation display with diversified sizes that sells more than 100 million annually, I floor display with industry-leading interactive technology, and high-definition&fine-pitch UHD series, which attracted much attention.


2024 has already begun, and Uniview LED will continue to communicate with a large number of industry customers and partners, jointly exploring industry cutting-edge technology and trends, and providing customers and partners with competitive industry solutions and services.

See you in ISE2025!