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Exhibition news

UNIVIEW showcased its innovative strength and leading technology at the ISLE23

UNIVIEW displayed its innovative capabilities and leading technologies at the International Sign & LED Exhibition from April 7th to 9th.


During the exhibition, UNIVIEW showcased its latest fine-pitch UHD series, the reliable and flexible GX series, and the famous interactive I series. These products offer outstanding display performance, reliable performance, and excellent sustainability.

  • The newly launched UHD series boasts high pixel density, exceptional image detail reproduction, high brightness, and contrast advantages.


  • The hot selling fixed GX series offers stability, reliability, and flexibility.


  • The flagship interactive I series allows for millisecond-level interactivity, innovative content display, and multifunctionality.


ISLE provided visitors with an opportunity to understand the latest industry trends and technological innovations. As one of the exhibitors, UNIVIEW aimed to use this platform to engage in in-depth discussions and collaborations with professional attendees and peers from around the world.