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Exhibition news

The wonderful review of UNIVIEW's participation in InfoComm23 in Orlando

UNIVIEW showcased its flagship Interactive I series, Rental TK2 & GX series, and the latest UHD fine-pitch series at the InfoComm 2023 in Orlando. With the unique innovation and outstanding display effects, UNIVIEW attracted the attention of many visitors.


  •  I Series——Take full control, interact with the large screen anytime and anywhere.


  • GX Series——High definition display brings out masculine charm and stability and durability are equally reliable.

  • TK II Series——Superior quality, wonderful display; convenient rental, cost-saving.

  • UHD Series——No fear of close distance, wide field of vision experience.


As a global leader in the display application field, UNIVIEW will continue to advance the development of LED display technology, providing even more excellent services and experiences for users worldwide.